UAE to roll out new laws to combat cybercrimes


TRA to implement new National Cybersecurity Strategy across nine sectors

Cybersecurity laws and regulations in the UAE will soon be enhanced to combat the ever growing threat of cybercrimes. The move is part of a comprehensive UAE National Cybersecurity Strategy launched by the Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA) on Monday.

As many as 60 initiatives will be rolled out over the next three years to establish a safe and resilient cyber infrastructure in the country, said TRA director general Hamad Obaid Al Mansouri.

The telecom regulator said the strategy was developed after consultation with over 50 global publications and examining the cybersecurity systems of 10 leading countries. Nine sectors including telecom, health and utilities, energy, finance for cybersecurity have been identified for cybersecurity preparedness

Five key pillars

The UAE National Cybersecurity Strategy will be focused on five key pillars: protecting critical infrastructure by strengthening the security of assets and mitigating risks; building a vibrant ecosystem that encourages research and innovation and develops awareness about cybercrimes; developing a resilient environment to detect and tackle cyberattacks; framing cybersecurity laws and regulations; and leveraging partnerships by collaborating with cyber security experts locally and globally.