On June 16, the global watchdog that sets standards for anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) will conveneat its plenary in Orlando and decide whether Iran has met the global body's requirements. That organization is the Financial Action Task Force, known as FATF, which is comprised of 36 member countries.

Corruption impedes equitable development, destabilizes societies, and undermines the institutions and values of democracy. It is viewed by many as one of the world's greatest problems. According to a Gallup poll, a majority of people even place its negative impacts ahead of global problems like climate change, poverty and terrorism.

Fintech is mainstream, according to a global survey from EY which finds that financial technology services are used by the majority of people in India, China and the UK, although are considerably less popular in the US, France and Japan.

Myanmar has a high chance of falling back into the category of "high-risk" country on an international money-laundering watchlist because of its failure so far to impose and enforce adequate safeguards, according to officials and experts.